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  • Manage schedule for your tennis group.
  • Allow members to request for a sub and volunteer a sub.
  • Receive notifications when schedule is updated.

Instructions for setting up a schedule for the group:

To setup your schedule on the server please send email to 'mobiletennis@mobileproware.com' with
folowing information:

1. spreadsheet showing playdates, players and type of play as shown in the image below.

     - Do not use full names for the players.
         - you can use nick names or first-name.last-name-initial
     - We will assign a default password for the users and they can change the password.
     - DO NOT use a password that you use for your official/financial business etc.

     - Select one or two members as administrators. These users can make updates on behalf of other users.

2. Restrictions:

         - Maximum of 20 users per group are allowed.
         - Maximum of 50 play dates are supported in a calender year
         - Schedule can be setup for a maximum of one calender year.

3. If you want to get notified when one of the group members requests a substitute or someone volunteers to substitute then and only then you need to do the following:

     Following data is OPTIONAL.

     - Create a group email account with one of the available services such as google, yahoo etc.
     - send us the group-email address
     - make sure you allow the email account 'mobiletennis@mobileproware.com' to post to the group email.
     - Do not alow 'mobiletennis@mobileproware.com' to receive any messages posted to that group.

     - If any of the members wishes to get a text message when updates are made to the schedule then please include their cell# and service provider in the spread sheet.

     - If any of the members wishes to get an email on an address other than group email then you can provide us that members email.

     - You can either get an individualized text or email but not both.